Full Triathlon Coaching Package

This program includes:

  • Complimentary assessment
  • A 6-week customized training schedule designed to fit your individual needs, goals, and capabilities.
  • Bike:includes once-a-week spin training on a stationary bike and/or the Cyclops trainer. Leading up to the race, this may be increased to twice weekly.
  • Track:includes once-a-week (or more) sessions to focus on pace, goal time, and strength training to increase speed.
  • Transition Timing & Training:sessions dealing with transition times, the transition process, and speed/timing. “Brick training” for transitioning from biking to running (running X miles then biking X miles).
  • Swim:Improving technique as well as swim workouts that contain drills on stroke and endurance in the water.

Package consists of a 6-week schedule that includes a complimentary assessment, unlimited training sessions, swim workouts.