Training Programs

Here is some information about the training I offer. I train all ages – from 5 to 90 – so take a look around! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me, I’m sure I can help!

Please note: I offer house calls – we can train in your own home gym or I can bring my gym to you!

Training Programs:

Personalized Program and Individual One-On-One Training  Every client is different, with different needs and goals – these training sessions will be built around you!

Functional Training – involves training the body for activating and performance in daily life

Group Fitness – circuit training with 2-4 people

Race Training – improve your running performance for a marathon or any other race – includes track/speed work and tempo work once a week

Types of Training:

Plyometric Training to build bone density and fiber type II muscles; consists of a lot of jumping, box jumping, and added weight as time goes on

Agility Exercises to increase your speed, coordination, and footwork; includes work with agility ladders and fitness rings

Bodyweight Exercises involve using the TRX Suspension Training tool to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously

Weight Training with different materials such as dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, and more

Balance and Hand-Eye Training with stability balls

Additional Services:

Advice on healthy eating and grocery shopping, as well as recipes that can be found here »

Homework assignments and workouts if I am unavailable

BMI and body circumference measurements, periodic weigh-ins, and before-and-after pictures