Fitness Philosophy

Need motivation to head to the gym and train? The key is consistency. I’d like to share how I found my way to a life of health and fitness, in hopes that it may inspire and motivate you to do the same!

Early in my life I was always a determined person, but that determination did not always translate to exercise and fitness. After college sports, fitness came last in my day-to-day lifestyle. I viewed exercise as a “chore”, rather than something that would improve my life on a regular basis.  I didn’t become consistent in my workouts until much later. The first step in my journey to creating a consistent fitness routine began in 2002 with a coach, someone who became my accountability partner. Then came a set schedule made just for me that I can mark off as I went along every day. I think those 2 things added to me becoming consistent. I had someone to hold me accountable and I had a routine that was set. Once that was established I saw results and after the results comes progress.

Today, my Personal Training career has a lot to do with finding that consistency. My coach, my routine, my hard work then encouraged me to help others.

I hope this will encourage you to find consistency in a lifestyle of health and fun, find what works for you, I bet it will be the same thing that worked for me.