Get the fitness level that is right for you when you begin with my program. Every client's needs are different and your program is set for you and you alone. Get personalized attention with your nutrition, exercise and goals.

This is Your First Step to a New You • Bodyweight Challenges • Endurance • Energy

Learn the 5 principles to a FIRM foundation in every routine you do. Every exercise is meant for day to day life. This will help you with quicker reflexes, faster mindset, agility, speed & strength.

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Strength Training that will transform your appearance and your life

Personal support, accountability and relationship with your training coach. You will gain strength in places you never knew. Your appearance will start to change and you will enjoy life more and to it's fullest with the program I set out for you.

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Training at home, in the gym, outside, on vacation, fitness anywhere.

I will give homework available when you are out of town, on vacation, at home on your days you don't see me. This will help maintain the level you have achieved with me so far in your training until you train with me again. The goal at Drive2BFit is to instruct and guide you into maintaining your fitness with or without a trainer.

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Here to motivate and become motivated.

A trainer is your partner, your help, your guidance into the fitness world and the life you lead. I am here to motivate you in the areas you find difficult to do. A switch that is habit forming as you go along with me in your training regimen. Be prepared to become addicted to fitness!

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Do women need to weight lift, I don't want to get bulky?

You cannot NOT weight lift in your life. The best thing you can do to gain strength in muscles and bone density. Along with cardio and strength is the best combination for anyone on this earth. Ladies, you won't become a man, no worries! Building muscle keeps you lean, burns fat faster and keeps the fire burning.

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Houston Heights Fitness

I offer personal fitness and triathlon training sessions in the Greater Houston Heights area.

Contact me for a personal fitness plan!

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Triathlon Training

I offer two types of Triathlon Training. Learn More Now!

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Get Started Now!

Contact me today to create your personal fitness plan!

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Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Training

The Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Program I offer: Modify movements during the varying phases of pregnancy. Experience: Limited weight gain Less physical discomfort More energy Easier, shorter, less complicated labor Quick recovery and much more!

Mission: Drive2BFit is about creating the drive to accomplish your fitness goals. To do more than just functional routines - to get stronger, more motivated, and not to quit. Drive2BFit enables you to be confident in what you are doing. Driven for lifestyle, exercise and success in your dream goals. Drive to succeed. Drive to eat well. Drive to work your body to its fullest potential and more!